Concert with the National Theater Orchestra Mannheim conducted by Alexander Soddy, 2nd Symphony by Gustav Mahler, 13 June 2022.

“Luminously, the nobly timbrated soprano of Anne Schwanewilms rises from the sound layers…”

IOCO Culture Magazine, Uschi Reifenberg, 20 June 2022

“In addition, the soprano Anne Schwanewilms contributed the ideal brilliant angelic sound.”

Onlinemerker, Dirk Schauß, 15 June 2022

‚“(…) belongs just as much to the further highlights of this evening as the pure and at times almost vibrato-free soprano of Anne Schwanewilms in the final movement (…)”.

Mannheimer Morgen, Stefan M. Dettlinger, 15 June 2022

“The hope of not having lived in vain is given quivering certainty by Anne Schwanewilms in her soprano solo”

Die Rheinpfalz, Uwe Rauschelbach, 15 June 2022

“This transcendence was built on more and more in the final movement by the opera choir (rehearsed by Dani Juris) and soprano Anne Schwanewilms: with cultivated vocalization that let humility and reverence speak from the verses to the “Resurrection.””

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, Simon Scherer, 14 June 2022

“Like a ray of light full of promise, Anne Schwanewilms’ wonderfully timbrated soprano voice, sure of the high notes, rose in the mighty chorale of the excellently formed NTM Choir-Extrachor (Dani Juris) additionally assisted by members of div. choirs in Mannheim. In splendid harmony, the two beautiful voices merged in the scherzo.”

Online Merker, Gerhard Hoffmann, 13 June 2022