Four Last Songs | Royal Festival Hall, London | October 2007

“…the elegantly imposing figure of Anne Schwanewilms took to the stage. Throughout the songs, she sang with glorious tone, her voice soaring effortlessly…there was no resisting the tonal beauty of Schwanewilms’ lustrous soprano…”

“Schwanewilms has made something of a specialisation of the Four Last Songs and has already given performances this year in Madrid, Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Bonn. Tonight her clear soprano floated beautifully over a warm, glowing accompaniment from the London Philharmonic Orchestra.”

“Schwanewilms…is a very experienced (and eminent) Straussian and sang with a relish of the words (impeccable ennuciation) and the rapturous music that Strauss composed as his ‘farewell’. With dignity and restraint, and masterly legato, Schwanewilms, with Young, sustained spacious tempos to mesmerising effect and a glorious sunset without ever indulging in histrionics. The third song, ‘Beim Schlafengehen (On Going To Sleep), was brought off with rapt dedication…but then this was a performance of one’s dreams.”