Liederabend | Wigmore Hall, London | September 2013

“…that crowning glory (Wesendonck Lieder), and its uniquely centred, hypnotically drawing-in interpretation…Schwanewilms adapts her exquisite colours to the texts, which is why only the fourth song brought forth the usual Wagnerian opulence – and how.”, September 30, 2013

“Undoubtedly the finest and most exquisite rendition of the Wesendonck Lieder we have heard in 2013.”

“…the finest of Strauss sopranos onstage and the most nuanced of lieder singers….I’ve never felt a duo partnership plumb so many depths with a lighter touch in a romantic song cycle. Perfection, in short, the ideal marriage of head and heart.”, September 10 2013

“If there is a better currently performing female lieder singer, I haven’t heard her. An artist fully in her prime: truly exquisite.”

Proses lyriques…The intense settings are characterised by very long phrases, given here with complete control from Anne Schwanewilms, whose mellifluous tone at the start of ‘De reve’ was a joy to behold…Wearing a vivid red dress, Schwanewilms radiated quite a presence, using the lower range of her voice with the utmost care and precision while allowing the higher register to ring out…Liederkreis…this was a richly romantic interpretation…Schwanewilms sang with both rapture and clarity.”