Konzert mit der Neuen Philharmonie Westfalen und Rasmus Baumann, Gelsenkirchen, 21 March 2022

„Anne Schwanewilms proved herself to be a first-class soprano, combining impressive technical expertise with the talent to breathe life into the sentiments of the poem texts wrapped in words – playfully in the ‚Villanelle‘, with the necessary gravity in the lament ‚Sur les lagunes‘, then again equally tender, powerful and full of longing in ‚Au cimetière (Claire de lune)‘. As one of the most renowned artists for Lied programs, she was able to tell stories with her voice like hardly any other, with her almost unbelievable vocal control, and once again lived up to her reputation as a ‚sound paintress‘”.

Rheinische Post, Katrin Schelter, 22 March 2022