Die Frau ohne Schatten | Grosses Festspielhaus, Salzburg | July 2011

‘Anne Schwanewilms was a suitably clear-voiced, almost glassy Empress.’

Opera News

“Anne Schwanewilms’s Empress was at the center…her soprano…has a focussed, cutting quality that projected well, and her phrasing was stylish and individual.”


“Her high notes were excellent, clean, penetrating…”


“Anne Schwanewilms sang a splendidly vulnerable Empress, espcially in the role’s gorgeous middle register.”


“…a fine cast headed by three remarkable ladies: Anne Schwanewilms as a cool, lyrical Empress…”

Sunday Times

“Anne Schwanewilms’s cleanly-sung Empress…”


“Anne Schwanewilms brings a fairy-like, gleaming tone to the Empress, but also has the power and required vocal leap to enthral in the denouement.”

Wiener Zeitung

“But one stands out, and that is the Empress…The extraordinary thing that comes through is how Anne Schwanewilms interprets the role vocally.  At no time does she force powerful singing through pressure on the voice as so many singers do, trying to assert themselves over the dramatic symphony in the orchestra.”

Neue Zuercher Zeitung

“Anne Schwanewilms gives us the young Leonie Rysanek as the Empress, at first consciously reticent towards her older, more experienced colleagues, with an ethereal voice and timbre as clear as glass.”


‘As the Empress. Anne Schwanewilms spun beautiful lines…’

Financial Times

“Cheers for the singers: Anne Schwanewilms, unearthly, delicate, reserved, marvellous as she soars into a lyrical orbit of melody, and captures the evolution of the Empress into a human being capable of guilt, suffering and love.”

Schwabische Zeitung

“Anne Schwanewilms sings this woman without a shadow with an oppressive beauty.”

Die Presse

“Anne Schwanewilms is an unusually lyrical, luminous Empress.”

Salzburger Nachrichten