Der Rosenkavalier | Muziektheater, Amsterdam | May 2011

“Schwanewilms presented a sympathetic and expressive Marschallin…”


“…but I prefer Anne Schwanewilms, who with her supple and full soprano, is completely at her ease as the aristocratic Marschallin. With grandeur and restrained emotion, in the final trio she mirrors her loneliness.”

“Schwanewilms is, in spite of Strobos’s success, the most brilliant singer of the performance. The part of the mature woman who is being abandoned by her younger lover and is suffering grievously from the merciless progression of the years fits her like a glove in every respect.”

De Volkskrant

“She sings completely relaxed and even her gentlest pianissimo can be heard in the remotest corner of the Muziektheater. The Marschallin, not the two young people, had the final word here. Love means letting go.”


“The finale of the first act, when the Marschallin wistfully reflects on getting older and on the progression of time, was painted by Rattle in gentle gradations of pianissimi, enabling Schwanewilms to characterise the doubts and insecurities of an ageing woman in breathtakingly intimate tone.”

Het Parool

“Next to Sally Matthews’s Sophie, Anne Schwanewilms as the Marschallin is the biggest attraction. With pureness of voice and acting she shows what it is to get older with elegance. Her ‘Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbar Ding’ is a highlight that brought a lump to the throat.”

NRC Handelsbad