Four Last Songs | Musikverein, Vienna | April 2009

“Anne Schwanewilms was brilliant, and her soprano voice always perfectly intoned. The artist was always able to make her beautiful voice rise above the sound of the orchestra, even when Maestro Luigi slightly exaggerated the volume.”


“The most precious instrument is the human voice when it is completely mastered. Anne Schwanewilms proved this in her interpretation of Strauss’s FOUR LAST SONGS. Her soprano voice is perfect for Strauss and Wagner, and it has all the brilliance, warmth, suppleness and technical mastery necessary here. Her intensive performance actually blended so well with the orchestral sound that one may well have considered it a solo instrument.”


“..the orchestra had rolled out a golden carpet for soloist Anne Schwanewilms, whose phrasing was impeccable against this luxuriating backdrop ….”

Die Presse

“Anne Schwanewilms, who gave her State Opera debut here as recently as last March in the role of Arabella, has a powerfully emotional voice: her intuitive sense for Strauss’ musical character is utterly convincing….”


“Anne Schwanewilms, who recently sang ARABELLA here, now sang Strauss’s FOUR LAST SONGS. The calm work of an older man flowed along broadly, finding its ideal interpreter in Schwanewilms. Her intensely-coloured soprano voice blended perfectly with the warm orchestral sound, particularly in the last song.”

Wiener Zeitung