Ariadne auf Naxos | Staatsoper, Hamburg | May 2012

‘Anne Schwanewilms cut an elegant figure in a black Grecian gown as Ariadne, singing with delicate lyricism and nuanced cantabile.’


“Botha’s Bacchus is a chaste, otherwordly apparition and the almost ethereal soprano of Anne Schwanewilms, full of darker colours, matches him perfectly.”

Hamburger Abendblatt

“Anne Schwanewilms controls the colours of her voice in every shade. Whether as the stuck-up primadonna of the backstage Prologue, the solitary, death-obsessed figure on the island, or in the jubilation of awakening love, her Ariadne finds the right Strauss sound, floated on the breath.”

Kieler Nachrichten, KN online

“In the title role Anne Schwanewilms is highly successful in matching the conductor’s intimate approach and, with her characteristic, finely graded soprano, carries Ariadne’s death-wish forward into sound-worlds filled with suspense and intensified beauty.”


“The role of Ariadne was fantastically well filled by the Strauss specialist Anne Schwanewilms, who brought to it tenderness, grieving, loneliness and a longing for death. A marvellously distilled portrait of Ariadne.”