Die Liebe der Danae | Frankfurt Opera | June 2014

“What made the performance particularly remarkable, were the three singers Alejandro Marco-Buhrmester (Jupiter), Lance Ryan (Midas) and Anne Schwanewilms (Danae)…  Anne Schwanewilms is not without reason the most sought-after Strauss singer of our time. She can seduce with the most tender nuances that one has ever heard and at the same time possesses a powerful and luminescent soprano sound.”

Kulturfreak.de, Markus Gründig


“It was announced that Ms. Schwanewilms was indisposed due to allergies, the effects of which were only heard at the beginning – during the course of the performance she rose to her usual form: the perfect diction, a warm middle register, clarity and melting enchantment into the heights.”

Manfred Langer, www.deropernfreund.de, 16.06.2014