Recital at the Elbphilharmonie, 23 October 2019

„Wow! (…) To set a tone in a delicate pianissimo and then take it back a little further, to the edge of silence, without the voice crumbling or losing its brilliance – and still keeping an eye on the great arch and the flow of language. What Anne Schwanewilms conjured into one’s ears in „Zwielicht“ from Robert Schumann’s „Liederkreis“ sounded like a textbook for the highest art of song singing. Because the soprano, supported by pianist Malcolm Martineau, was able to detect even the finest nuances of the songs and could always rely on an astonishing voice control. (…) With a wide range of sound shades, she and the splendid pianist Malcolm Martineau conjured up the flight of the soul on a starry moonlit night, they told of secret tears of melancholy or mourned about a beloved who had long since died.”

Marcus Stäbler, Hamburger Abendblatt, 25 October 2019